Policy and Procedures

The Testing Centers' professional staff is committed to providing all test takers with a first-class environment for taking exams, free from distractions.  We will offer friendly service and outstanding support to all of our customers.  We strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in the National College Testing Association's Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.  Our testing centers follow standard procedures so students know what to expect when they arrive to take their tests. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures.  We reserve the right to refuse exams, terminate exams, and report test takers who violate our policies.

ID Verification

To prevent testing by proxy and other cheating attempts, the testing staff will verify every student's photo identification.  When reporting to the front desk, please have an approved form of photo identification available.  Acceptable forms of identification include driver's license, military ID, passport, other state or federal government issued ID card.  Please ensure that your photo ID card is current and not expired when you arrive at the testing center.  Expired IDs will not be accepted.

Quiet and distraction free environment

With over 100 testing stations at our two testing centers, there will frequently be many test-takers in the testing labs at the same time.  Please be considerate to others and be mindful to keep noise and other distractions to a minimum.  Staff members will monitor the testing labs to address your questions or concerns.  Raise your hand if there is an issue that requires our assistance and we will quietly address the situation.

Testing aids and other materials

Bring only the materials that an instructor has allowed for a given test.

  • Calculators must be the type(s) specified by the instructor. Calculators with Internet capability are not permitted.
  • Foreign language dictionaries with written notations and electronic dictionaries are not permitted.

The Testing Center has a limited supply of calculators, headsets, pencils and paper for students' use.  When needed, borrowed items will be scanned prior to entering the testing lab, and scanned again after the exam prior to departing the testing center.

Personal belongings and electronic devices

Personal belongings such as backpacks, books, and electronic devices/cell phones should not be brought to the Testing Center. For cases where it is not feasible to safely secure and store possessions outside of the testing center, the testing center staff will provide a securable bag.  All items will be placed inside the securable bag and will remain with the student during testing.  Students will place the securable bag at their feet in the open space underneath the testing station.  Accessing or attempting to gain access to unapproved items in the testing lab will result in the immediate termination of the exam and possible disciplinary action.  The KSU Testing Center is not responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to any prohibited electronic device or other personal property brought into the testing lab.

Assigned seating/wait lines

The Testing Center staff will assign students their test station number inside the testing lab. When the center is full, you may wait inside the lobby area until your testing station is available.

Water or restroom breaks

Water or restroom breaks are permitted after notifying a testing center staff member or proctor.  Raise your hand and the staff member will note the time you took for a water or restroom break.  The water fountain and restroom inside the testing lab is the only authorized location for a water or restroom break.

Children not allowed

Children are not allowed to accompany a student into the testing room.

Surveillance and monitoring

In addition to proctors and staff member walkthroughs, the Testing Center employs audio, video, computer surveillance and recording technologies to maintain an environment of academic integrity.  Video / audio feeds will remain available for review for up to six months following each day's exams.