• Prepare your students to use our testing services by referring them to this web page, and specifically to the Students tab. Inform your students about the student registration process so they can reserve their seat in the testing lab. The testing center staff will keep this web page current and relevant based on faculty and student input.

  • If you decide to cancel your exam at the testing center, please send an email to the testing center staff so we can remove your reservation from our appointment system, and free up previously reserved seats. A member from the testing staff will reply to your cancellation email to confirm the cancellation.

  • Students who violate the KSU Student Standards of Conduct will be directed by the testing center staff to stop the test and will be escorted out of the Testing Center. Any violations will be reported to their instructor and based on the severity of the incident, may be reported to the university judiciary committee for disciplinary action. Recorded video footage will be available for faculty review for one month from the date of the exam. Faculty will also have access to incident reports filled out by the testing center staff.

  • Email the testing center at ksutesting@kennesaw.edu to let us know if you will be present or not during the exam. If you choose to be present, you are welcome to sit at the observation table behind the front desk at the Kennesaw campus. Because of the high likelihood of other students taking various exams concurrently with your students, we ask faculty to remain outside of the testing lab unless a student requests your assistance.