Exam Service Request Form

KSU Academic Testing Services features an online application for faculty members to submit requests for the testing staff to proctor computer-based exams at either of KSU’s two testing centers.  Please note the procedures for requesting testing services for Final Exams and other exams.

Final Exams

The Kennesaw and Marietta Campus Testing Centers will be open during the entire Final Exam period as prescribed in the University’s Academic Calendar / Final Exam schedule posted by the Registrar’s Office.  Our purpose during Final Exams is to support instructors of online and hybrid courses by providing a place for their students to take their exams in a proctored environment.

For proctored Final Exams in our testing centers, instructors have two scheduling options:

1.Fixed schedule:  Choose this option if you want your students to take their exam at a set date and time based on the University’s Final Exam Conflict Periods.  For Fall 2018, the conflict periods for online and hybrid courses are:

    1. Saturday, December 8,2018 8:00am -10:00am
    2. Sunday, Decemeber 9,2018 8:00am -10:00am
    3. Monday, December 10,2018 8:00am-10:00am

2.If selecting the fixed schedule option, bear in mind that capacity will be limited to 113 students (89 – Kennesaw  24 – Marietta) each day.  Fixed schedule requests will be locked in based on when the request is submitted and on capacity maximization.

3.Open schedule:  Choose this option if you want to give your students the flexibility to schedule their exam anytime within the Final Exam window.  The open schedule option does not violate the University’s Final Exam Conflict Period.

Final Exam requests will be submitted to Testing Services in the two-week window from four to two weeks before the first day of each semester.  The testing staff will provide feedback to each request no later than one week before the start of the semester so instructors can capture Final Exam instructions in their syllabi.

Access the Faculty Exam Request Form and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in using your NetID and Password

  2. Click the “Exam Request Form” tab near the top of the page

  3. Begin by entering your Course CRN.  When you enter your Course CRN, the administrative data for your course will auto-populate.

  4. Enter the time allotted for your exam (the dropdown menu is in 15-minute increments)

  5. Selecting Date / Time
    1. Fixed Schedule:  Use the dropdown menu to select a date and time that coincides with the Final Exam Conflict Period.  Choose a first and second preference due to limited capacity.
    2. Open Schedule:  First Preference:  Select the first date of Finals and select “Anytime” for “Exam start time;”  Second preference:  Select the last date of Finals and select “Anytime” for “Exam start time.”

  6. Number of students eligible to take this exam:  The number of students enrolled will auto-populate when you enter your CRN.  Of the number of enrolled students, how many do you intend to take the exam at one of our testing centers?  Students outside a reasonable radius from campus will have the option to take their exam via Respondus LockDown Browser or ProctorU.  The number of students expected at the testing centers will allow the testing staff to manage capacity and maximize throughput.

  7. Additional Instructions:  This is your opportunity to express the special instructions for your exam to the testing staff.  We recommend that you identify the Learning Support Method you will use for your exam (D2L, BlackBoard, Moodle, MyMathLab, etc) and provide the exam password(s) in the “Additional instructions for Testing Services Specialist” block.

  8. Enter the challenge password (it is case-sensitive) and click the Submit Form Request.

  9. The testing staff will receive an email of your faculty request form when you submit your request.